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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Inktense Pencils

I tried the Inktense pencils yesterday for the first time.  They are fun!  I bought this very textural fabric thinking I would try to dye it and see how it looked when it was dyed.  Still have enough left to try that but it is also working for the quilt I am doing right now.  I used the pencil to color in a part of the design.  I than painted textile medium over the top of the pencil.  Wow the color just pops after I put the medium on top.  You can use water as you use the pencil and it makes the color more intense also, but I wanted a controlled application.  I was afraid I would color outside the lines if I used water and for once I wanted to stay inside the lines. I just wanted the color in certain areas of the pattern.  I suppose I could dip the pencil in the medium and that might have worked as well.  Didn't think of that.... might have to try that sometime. Here is a photo of the design with just the pencil.

Here is a photo that shows one with just pencil and one with the medium on top.

Have a creative day. Janet


Stephanie Forsyth said...

How did you apply the medium? Did you just pounce it in with a stencil brush?

Janet Hartje said...

A small paint brush. Did I goof again? Janet

Susan Loftin said...

Very cool results! I may have to try these pencils.

connie said...
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Linda Wyatt said...

wow, I never heard of these pencils. Are they very different from the pencils that turn into watercolor when you add water? and you can use them on fabric? I want some!

Anonymous said...

Janet, after reading your blog post about the Inktense pencils, I purchased a set from Dick Blick (which included an instructional DVD).
Can you tell me where you found information about using these pencils? Or was it experimental for you???
Any info would be helpful. (I think I first read abiut them on the learningfa group...)
Thank you,

Janet Hartje said...

A couple of different friends in completely different groups began using them at the same time. It was just experimental for me. Mostly what I picked up here and there from other people. I want to try more, just haven't had much time yet. The DVD that came with your set sounds great. Is there something in particular you want to know?