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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Painting faces!

I mentioned in a previous post that I am trying to re-create this photo of myself from the 80's.  The face has been giving me trouble.  I didn't think teeth would be such a problem but I was having a lot of trouble with the teeth and the nose.  The latest version, the best comment I heard was "At least it isn't quite as scary now!"  

Today I took a different approach.  I decided to try to paint the face rather than piece it with fabric.  I have Bonnie McCaffery's DVD called Painted Face for Beginners and was honestly a little afraid to try because I was sure it would be a disaster.  I should have known better, I love Bonnie's vid-casts so why wouldn't her explanations for painting be just as clear.  She breaks the process down into small steps and before you know it you have a face.  Here are a few of the photos I took along the way.


Chris from NJ said...

Wow that is quite the technique. I think it is shaping up great. When you add the hair I think it will really look like you in the photo.

Stephanie Forsyth said...

That looks REALLY good, I think I might have to try and find that DVD to buy myself! :) I'm terrified of faces!

Bridget473 said...

That looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing this progress!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I think you are doing fantastic and it does look just like the picture. Please post more photos as you progress.

BonnieMcCaffery said...

What an excellent job. And yes, the mouth and teeth are always scary. And that's where people usually want to quit - because it just doesn't look right. I tell them keep going and think of it as practice. Your face turned out fantastic!