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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Who's counting?

Me!  I'm counting!  I don't think I have ever made a quilt with this many pieces.  I finished all the flying geese for my Judy Niemeyer quilt, Flowers for my Wedding Ring.  There are 780 pieces in the flying geese plus another 20 for the four corners.  800 so far

Yeah.  March goal complete, on to my April goal.  I need to decide how to arrange the rings and what fabric to use for the joins and begin putting it all together.  There are 8 pieces of fabric in each A unit of the rings.  There are 71 A units making the total 568.

There are 10 pieces of fabric in each B unit.  71 B units add up to another 710 pieces.  I haven't added the ends yet as they are the "joining" pieces for the rings.  I can't quite decide whether to have them blend in or stand out.  Way to many decisions involved in this quilt for someone who is normally not inclined to be decisive.

142 center pieces

71 melon pieces

26 quarter square triangles

4 10" border pieces.

Grand total so far 2,321.  I haven't even started the flowers yet.  But, who's counting!
My first thought for arranging was by color, but once I tried to fit the blueberry in, well it just didn't work.
So now I am trying a melting pot of colors.  I think I like this better. I am going to pin it all on and hang it up so I can look at the whole quilt.
I am stuck right now trying to decide on what to use for the joins.  Might have to hang it up for a few days while I work on my Craftsy BOM.  Sometimes if I walk by it enough times it suddenly becomes clear what would work.

I did finish my second redwork block for my Christmas Twitterings quilt.  Trying to get one block a month done.

And finally here is a picture of my son in his new chef's coat.  
Have a creative day!

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