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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More looping and new postcards

cell phone pouch
Still working through the lessons for the beta class I am taking with Donna Kallner.  I'm really enjoying learning how to do these techniques.  To my inexperienced eye it resembles crochet, the biggest difference is I have never been able to learn how to crochet.  This lesson I learned how to make different shapes, such as rectangles and circles. I also learned other methods for adding the yarn or fabric or waxed thread.  So much fun!  I've added Donna's book to my wish list so I can continue to learn after the class.

Here is the first thing I did in this lesson, a little rectangle.
Here is the last thing I did with this lesson, at least for now.  I know I want to make something using fabric strips too.  I made this little pouch.  Not perfect by any means but I really like it.  I just have to add a button.  Donna made hers a little larger and added a strap as well but this fits my cell phone, so other than a button I'm calling it done.
cell phone pouch
I wanted to show you two more postcards I received as well.  The first is from Vivian in California.  This was for the Steampunk exchange and I think she captured it perfectly.  I love the colors she used too.
The second is from Jan in Nebraska.  Hers is for the Van Gogh exchange.  Sheaves of Wheat.  Just gorgeous depth to this card.
Sheaves of Wheat
Thanks Jan and Vivian!

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