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Friday, February 3, 2012

Looping and the beginning of a Van Gogh

I have been taking a beta class online from Donna Kallner.  I took a class on photo transfer that she taught at the Textile Center in St Paul a number of years ago.  I really like her as a teacher.  She is more of a learning enabler if that makes sense.  She doesn't say "It has to be done this way."  She presents the material, gives you examples to make for learning the technique and tells you to follow your intuition.  Her videos and pdf lessons are very clear and I would highly recommend her class.  First was a little pouch made of hemp, because I didn't have the recommended material of Irish Wax linen thread.
Next I learned how to increase and decrease stitches by working around this sea shell.
I made a small round of loops.
Finally I covered one of the jars from my sewing room.  It's fun and I still have two lessons to work through.


I've also been working on my Van Gogh themed postcards.  I still have to finish adding the flowers to most of them and when the paint is dry I will do a little stitching.

Have a Creative Day

1 comment:

Donna Kallner said...

Great job, Janet! It's been great to have you in the class!