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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Show

This post is long overdue.  I was having problems with my ability to add photos.  Just didn't seem worth posting without any photos.  I finally figured out what was wrong.  I'm a little slow with all this stuff but eventually I figure it out.

Rosie Quilter's Show at Woodbury City Hall
The Rosie Quilter's have a new show.  The theme for this show was found by Kathy Tuominen.  She discovered a site for photos on the web called morgueFile.  It has some free photos and some at low cost "by creatives, for creatives."  In the free photos is a picture of some geisha's.  We used this photo for our inspiration and took that inspiration in whatever direction it lead us.  Here is our show, hanging at City Hall in my home town.  
Rosie Quilter's Show at Woodbury City Hall

We only had 5 participants this time so we added a few extra small art quilts that fit the theme.  The art quilts for this show were created by Judy Lewis, Melissa Nellis, Kathy Tuominen, Stephanie Forsyth and Janet Hartje.  The three in the photo below are all made by Stephanie Forsyth.
Stephanie Forsyth

I quilted my geisha with my longarm which I hadn't been using because I was having tension issues.  I'm afraid it is a little wavy right now because the amount of my quilting varies throughout the quilt.  When I get it back I may add more quilting to try to flatten it out a little.  I liked the tree not being as quilted as the background because that made the tree have more dimension and pop out of the quilt a little.  But, it also made the quilt not hang straight.  Anyone have any good solutions other than more quilting?
Janet Hartje geisha

Now I am working on old quilts, trying to finish up UFO's while practicing 'new to me' skills on my longarm.  I am working on a block of the month from JoAnn Fabrics that has to be at least 15 years old!?  Not really sure how long ago I bought this and pieced it.  I don't even really like it very much any more which makes it perfect for practicing new skills because it doesn't matter to me so much how it looks when it is complete.  This one has a real variety of blocks in it so will give me lot's of opportunity to try different skills.

Have a Creative Day

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