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Monday, September 17, 2012

Practicing Paper Piecing & Exciting News

I'm published!
More often than not the quilts I make are partially inspired by a need to learn or practice a technique.  I have a very large precise paper piecing project on my long term list.  I want to make Judy Niemeyer's pattern called "Flowers for my Wedding Ring."  (I bought the pattern from Keepsake Quilting) I have the pattern and cut out the paper patterns, and started gathering materials.  Now I need a little practice with paper piecing.  Good timing for me, it looks like the next block of the month on Craftsy is paper piecing.  They also have a class called Quick Strip Paper Piecing by Peggy Martin.  Not sure if their techniques are similar but they both use strips of fabric and they both paper piece so I guess it can't hurt to try.

I started yesterday and made the first project.
Here are some photos.
Pinwheel Polka
Janet Hartje Pinwheel Polka from Craftsy class

Two choices

Now for the exciting news.  The small group I belong to is now published in a McCalls magazine.  This was a special edition they created to showcase groups of quilters across the country.  The title of the magazine is America Quilts Together Autumn 2012. 

I'm published!

 My group "The Rosie Quilter's" is on page 61.  There is a group photo from our Christmas party, the original palm tree photo we used to make our challenge project, and a photo of some of our quilts hanging at City Hall.  So exciting to be included with all of the wonderful quilters in this magazine.  There are lot's of patterns in the magazine that will be fun to make in the future, so you may want to pick up a copy too. (McCall's gave me permission to post this on my blog)
Have a Creative Day

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