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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Craftsy Block of the Month(s)

I'm playing catch up this weekend.  I hadn't done any of the Craftsy Block of the Month patterns since May.  So, far I have finished June, July and August.  I guess I am caught up now because I have the whole month to finish September's blocks.  It went pretty well, a couple of goofy glitches but I think I caught my mistakes and repaired them.

June blocks:
Greek Cross Block Pattern

Janet Hartje Greek Cross Block Pattern

Octagon Block Pattern

Janet Hartje Octagon block pattern

July blocks:
Traditional Dresden Plate Block Pattern

Janet Hartje Traditional Dresden Plate Block Pattern

Modern  Dresden Wheel Block Pattern
(This is one of the blocks that I goofed.  We could either buy a special ruler to make the pieces or make our own pattern.  I chose to make my pattern because I wasn't sure if I would ever make this block again, so I didn't want to invest in the ruler.  My pattern must have been a tiny bit too big at the center points.  When I sewed the pieces together the outside edge layed nice and flat and the inner part was like a roller coaster.  I just took each seam in a tiny, tiny bit and it all layed flat for me.  Whew!)
Janet Hartje Modern Dresden Wheel Block Pattern

August blocks:
Ohio Star Block Pattern
(I made a goofy mistake on this one, I think I was sewing too late last night.  I didn't notice until I took a photo and looked at it on my computer.  It was easy to fix.  It reminded me of the Sesame Street song, "One of these things is not like the other..."  Can you see the mistake.)


Janet Hartje Ohio Star Block Pattern

Double Star Block Pattern
(I wasn't sure about the fabrics I chose for this one, but I really like how it looks.)

Janet Hartje Double Star Block Pattern

Have a creative day

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