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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sneak Peak!

Still working on my space.  I have trouble with motivation when it comes to organizing and cleaning.  Lucky for me the Quilt on a Budget group is giving me incentive to finish.  Joan is having a contest for the messiest quilting/sewing space and a second contest for the neatest.  I'm pretty sure I could have won the messiest last week but I'm glad I now have a chance to try for the neatest.  Even if I don't win the prize, ( a copy of STUDIOS magazine) I will win because my space will be so organized.  There are lot's of ideas for working on your space on the QOB blog right now as well as a giveaway sponsored by Country Stencils.  You can use the stencils to paint on your quilt.  Be sure and check out the Quilt on a Budget blog.

Here is a photo of my cubbies that have been following me around our home for at least fifteen years.  They have multiplied a couple of times but I bought most of them on clearance at Target years ago.  This last year I had my husband add the little holders so I can label each drawer/door with what is inside.  Am I getting old?  I can't always remember where I put everything and this helps so it more often ends up back in the same spot when I am finished.  They aren't completely organized yet and I need to rework the open shelves but I like the arrangement.  

I put three over in the corner with a light on top.  You can never have too many lights in a sewing space.  This lamp is more than 30 years old but it works great.  I added the fabric and bow a long time ago.  Definitely time to jazz up the fabric or re-paint the base of the lamp.  (The photo is me can you tell?)

Here are my fabric shelves.  I need to make something to hang in front to protect them from the sun and the cats.  One of my cats has already decided the second shelf from the bottom on the left is the perfect spot to hide away.  The second shelf from the bottom on the right has projects that I have everything I need to finish.  The shelf above that is projects in process that I still need to get backing and or batting to complete.  So, those two shelves should be empty in no time right?

One of my shibori dyed fabrics was chosen as photo of the week in the Fiber Focus group.  Here is a photo of that fabric.  I guess it should be on my incomplete project shelf.  I still haven't decided how to finish it.  Waiting for inspiration. Have a creative day! Janet


Betweens said...

wow you are organized.. but there is a warning. it looks like that until you start to be creative. I am always organizing after each quilt.. wish that everything would just put itself away when it is done.. or I am done with it!!
Good luck on winning for the neatest spot.

maggi said...

The space is looking great. I wish I could be that neat although I do enjoy not always knowing where everything is as on my searches I tend to come across things that I had forgotten about and which seem interesting once again - a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder perhaps? Congratulations on being photo of the week

Carol said...

Your new space is looking great. Love all the cubbies.

Debra Svedberg said...

Hey Janet! It looks great!
The shelves with the fabric on them...did you get them at Ikea? They sell doors for them.