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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Time to Sew!

Do you find it difficult to find the time to sew?  I do around special holidays etc.  Priorities change with the seasons. . .But now it is sewing season.  Finishing a couple of projects for the Minnesota Quilt Show in June is a priority right now.  I already committed to the finished quilts.  Luckily they are small.  Just thought I would show you a picture of something else I have been working on lately.

I have the top almost finished for my St Patrick's quilt.  It is big, huge, humongous!  At least as far as anything I have ever made.  It's ending up about 90" x 100."  I have the pieces cut for the final border and may sew those on yet today.  You can find a link for the blocks in my previous post .  The Center is a Georgia Bonesteel technique called over and under.
St Patrick's Day Quilt belonging to Janet Hartje
I haven't ever made a quilt using black sashing and I really like how this is turning out.  I also plan to "scallop" the edges of the quilt.  I've never done this before so I asked around for a good tutorial.  I'm using a youtube video by the Missouri Star Quilt Company (use their search for the scallop edge tutorial) and the Quilt in a Day template for scallops, vines and waves.

Now I need to figure out how much fabric to buy for the bias binding for a scallop edge quilt.  Anyone have a quick easy method to figure that out?  I think I will bind it with a green fabric.

Have a Creative Day,

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