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Friday, April 12, 2013

Creating a Cactus Abode

The challenge for Minnesota Contemporary Quilters this year is "Abode."  The meaning of abode could be interpreted by each individual.  I have been wanting to create a quilt from a photo of a saguaro cactus.
Saguaro cactus  Janet Hartje

I took the photo a few years ago when we traveled to Arizona.  I think it is fascinating that these cactus only grow in the Sonoran Desert.  They live to be hundreds of years old and can be tree sized.  It is even more amazing to me that some animals can make a home out of these prickly beasts.

Gila woodpeckers are one of the birds who live inside the holes of this cactus.  I wasn't fortunate enough to get a photo of the woodpecker but I did find a picture of one in a Dover coloring book, Animals of the Forest, Wetlands and Deserts.  My coloring may be off a little but I think I came close.
Prickly Abode by Janet Hartje

I've never painted an entire scene before and learned a lot while I did this one.  Mostly I learned that I am fickle about color and kept changing my mind about the color of the cactus.  I went through three shades of green before I found one I was comfortable with.  I also prefer paint to colored pencils.  I started with pencils.  So, there are a few extra layers of paint here but I am happy with the end product.

Now on to the stitching and one more quilt to create for SAQA.  If I manage to get them all finished I will have four quilts in the show in June.

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Chris said...

Janet, this looks great. You have quite the talent for painting. What kinds of fabric paints do you use? I have been looking into decoart sosoft paints which were recommended in a book that I have and Folk art fabric paints. I want to try something other than setacolors which are a bit transparent. I want something more opaque.

Vivian Helena said...

Beautifully done.. got the right green. There are so many variations of green it takes some playing with it. On my to do list... someday.

Karin said...