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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tiny art kit for a tiny purse

I didn't want to show what I put inside my tiny tin purse until the recipient had it in her hands. It traveled to Arizona so now I can show what I added. First I decoupaged metallic tissue paper on the inside of the tin.

Next I made a tiny sketchbook that just fits inside the tin. I tried to find one while I was shopping but couldn't find anything small enough.

I did find these little gel pens that fit perfectly inside. Who knew they made them this small.

I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art with a couple of friends one day for some inspiration. Love walking around the museum, it's a good way to alleviate all that cold winter confinement. Stephanie found this cute little water paint kit in the museum store. I had mentioned I was looking for little things related to art. So, of course I had to buy that.

I'm going to try to update my blog this next week and will be changing some of the links to other blogs. Rotating some of the people I link to seems like it will be a good idea. I have some more I want to add. I also need to add to my postcards sent and received and some of my finished quilts. Look for more photos in the slideshows.

Have a creative day


Terry said...

Loved seeing what you put in that tiny purse and what appropriate choices too!!

Carmen said...

What a great idea. Love the idea of a tiny art kit!