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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Do you like to take on challenges? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Usually I note the contest and write it on a list of possibilities. I review the list frequently to see if there is something that sparks an idea. I think the ideas germinate in the back of my brain and suddenly one will pop out as something I need to do. Here is a challenge that I immediately knew I wanted to complete. It's a small challenge and I thought I would tell you about it too. You might be inspired by this idea.

A friend from learning fiber arts yahoo group and the Valerie Hearder Landscape yahoo group is holding an International Postcard Exhibition at the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. So, all you need to make is a postcard. That's 4" by 6", not too big. It needs to be in Ireland by May. Plenty of time to make one, or even two. The best part about this exhibition is that when the show is over the cards will be sold to benefit breast cancer research. I think pretty much all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. The money will go to the Marie Keating Foundation which is a breast cancer charity in Ireland. My mother in law had cancer three times, no one deserves this horrible disease once let alone three times. My card will be in her honor. Let's work together and raise some money to help stop this horrible disease.

Miriam the person who is hosting the exhibition is doing this in honor of her daughter Emma who found out she had breast cancer while she was pregnant. Emma opted not to have treatment until her baby was born. Emma left two beautiful children who would love to grow up in a cancer free world.

Here are the details of the exchange in Miriam's words:

"While I am Chairperson of the Irish Patchwork Society I am organising an International Fabric Postcard Exhibition at the Botanic Gardens here in Glasnevin. It will be held at the same time as our 30th Birthday Exhibition.

We are inviting postcards from all around the world. The theme is BRANCHING OUT and should be Floral, Horticultural, Landscape, Nature, Environmental. They should be sent without an envelope as we want to hang them so that everyone can see both front and back of the cards, to see the stamps and where they have come from.

Please send cards to

The Irish Patchwork Society
PO Box 45,
Co. Dublin,

before the end of May.

These postcards will also be exhibited at our Knitting and Stitching Show in November (Which is the only big show here in Ireland) and they will be sold and the proceeds will go to the Marie Keating Foundation.....Which is a Breast Cancer Charity here in Ireland

I hope many of you will make a postcard for this event to support a good cause. Emma was involved with this foundation before she died, so it is close to my heart."

The link for the International Postcard Exchange takes you to a tutorial on how to make a fabric postcard for the show. You can also google fabric postcard and find many tutorials on how to make these little pieces of art. If you click on either of my slideshows of postcards you will be taken to my picasa album where you can have a closer look. Have fun!

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