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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creative Day!

Yesterday I had a creative day with my small quilt group, the Rosie quilters. We met at a middle school where one of the members of my group teaches. It's a wonderful space since there are lot's of sinks and counter tops and outlets and tables...We could really spread out. She also had a few DVD's that we could watch on the drop down screen. Thank you Kathy!

Some of the members were trying silk screen printing for the first time. They had a DVD by Jane Dunnewald to learn how. Loved the results and want to try that sometime too. I didn't have time to gather what I would need to do the printing for this time.

I made some fabric paper for an exchange. I need to send 5 half sheets of paper and will get 5 half sheets in return. I'm not sure this is my strong suit. If I understand the exchange right we are creating just the base paper fabric for someone else to use how they see fit. I kept wanting to add more, but I tried to keep it basic. I think it may have been better if I stuck to one color per sheet. I don't know, really. I've never done this before. I may add a little more ink to them yet. So far I'm not impressed with myself and I hope whoever gets them won't be too disappointed.

Soy wax batik was something else we tried. We did this once before and I really liked the results. My sister found a couple of old kitchen tools at a garage sale last summer and gave them to me. Thanks Jo! We all loved using these.

I pressed them down with the flat surface but others were rolling along the edge creating a series of dots.

All in all it was a fun day filled with laughter and friendship.
Have a creative day


Karen said...

Loved your results with the paper! I think whoever gets them will be thrilled! Also, found the soy waxing/printing interesting! Loved the results!

Carolyn in Kerrville, TX said...

Sounds like lots of fun and I love the results. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

Maggie Szafranski said...

What a fun place to spread out and experiment with things!

Carmen said...

This looked like a really fun day. How nice to have all that room to spread out and work.

Clare Hotels said...

Seems like there was a lot of fun and enjoyment. I am not an artist but definitely like the god work and appreciate that. Some of these arts are really nice and some are that I am unable to understand. I like such works much. Hope you'll continue with such days.