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Friday, November 6, 2009

Postcards complete!

I finished the last group of postcards for Postmark'd Art. This group had 21 people and the theme was 'Anything Goes'. Before joining this group I had done 5 postcards at the most for a group. I found that a group this large was draining for me. Many people were energized by the number but for me it seemed to create a block. So, I will have to try to remember that and only sign up for smaller groups in the future. They are each a little different but fairly similar so I will post a few.

I borrowed the recycling theme from another group and cut up bits and pieces of leftover scraps from previous projects. I than added some embellishment and did some free motion quilting. I spiced it up a little by using solar sensitive thread for the quilting. When placed in the sun the thread color will show, otherwise it looks white. I was hoping for a really sunny day for my photos but had to settle for overcast. The color will show up more on a brighter day. I put those in the mail yesterday. I have received more postcards and will be adding those to my slideshow soon. Just wondered do you find the slideshow irritating? Would it be better just to have a clickable link?

I'm not really done with postcards completely as I signed up for a Christmas postcard exchange in the Valerie Hearder landscape group. I will only need to make three cards for this one (four if I make one for myself). I just signed up for that and already have lot's of ideas bouncing around in my mind. That is a better size group for me. All three cards will be traveling to other countries, Australia, South Africa, and Ireland. It will be fun to see what I get in return.

I've just joined SAQA. I want to begin my journey as a more focused artist now. They have something new called the Visioning Project. With the suppport of this group I will be able to prioritize my goals, to lead me where I want to go with my art. I'm feeling very scattered at this point, while I love learning new skills and will continue to do so, I also want to plan for the future. Lot's to think about right now but I think having a cohesive body of work by the end of the year would be a good goal for me. Still refining and thinking so I have some self reflection to do right now. Have a creative day! Janet


Dotti said...

Hi Janet...I love the slide shows. I am thinking about putting one up on my blog too featuring all the charity quilts I have done! I like your PCs too...21 would be a huge group to be involved in though!

Suzan said...

Hi Janet, love following your blog. I saw your note about SAQA and the Visioning Project. Thanks so much for mentioning it. I did not know about the Visioning Project but it sounds just like what I really need right now. I joined SAQA tonight! Look forward to making lots of progress together over the next year.

Carol said...

Your postcards are gorgeous. We should do a swap in the new year.

Stephanie (A Ditchin' Time Quilts) said...

Janet, I found you through Leah Day and I just love your post cards. I love the detail. May I ask what you do with all of them? Do you save them, display them or put them into one big quilt? These are very artistic. Steph