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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Loving Spring/Summer!

I am still here.  I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather at this time of year.  Love to be outside in the spring!  Mowing the lawn, planting my garden, 
pulling weeds, going for hikes, 
bird watching, 
enjoying the flowers 
and a trip to the zoo 
all take me away from sewing.  I'm fine with that.  

I'm glad I took a photo of my peonies a couple of days ago because today they are getting washed away in the rain.
I'm very excited the poppy I planted last year came back again!

The last time I was working on my quilt I was very excited about almost finishing.  I only had the 10" borders left to add.  So I kept working late into the night trying to finish the piecing.  I really need a door on my sewing room so I can lock it at a certain time of night.  Seriously, when I work too late I always make a mistake.  Usually just something silly and corrected with a rip of some stitches.  This time it was a little trickier to fix.  Instead of cutting my miter at 45 degrees I cut one of them with the 60 degree measure.  
Now I could have easily patched in a piece to fill the gap, and I considered that option.  But, it seems to me I've put a lot of time and fabric into this quilt and didn't want to have a patch where there shouldn't be one.

I decided to order more fabric.  After a week I received an email notifying me they didn't have enough of this fabric left.  I was glad I had used so many fabrics in the quilt all along.  Using something different for part of border isn't even noticeable.  I think the fabric I ordered looks good. 
 It finally came last Friday but haven't had a chance to work on it until today.  Today is raining so a perfect day to sew.  All four mitered corners look perfect now, well except for needing a good pressing.
Off to work on my Jinny Beyer quilt and the red work quilt for the afternoon.  Hope you are enjoying your day.
Have a creative day

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