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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A week in review

Last week was very busy but I feel like I didn't accomplish much.  Halloween, birthday, election, getting ready for winter, lot's to do but little to show for it.

I did make a head piece for my dog's costume.  The ear holes were too small and made him uncomfortable.
You can see how small they were in this photo.
So I made them a little bigger.
He wore it most of the night and entertained all of our trick or treaters.
My plan was to buy two pumpkins to carve but they were such a deal!
This is what Minnesota looked like when my son was born.  Glad we had nice weather this year.  Snow is coming soon, maybe today!

I did finish binding, adding a hanging sleeve and a label to my flag.  I found my saved burgundy fabric for the binding on my OBW and before I added the new fabric, so that is almost finished too. 

This is my next piecing project.  But, today my machine is going in to be serviced.  The website says their wait time is two to three weeks.  Good thing I have my longarm too or I might go in to sewing withdrawal.

The most important thing I did this last week is vote.  Such an honor and a privilege to live in a country where I can express my opinion at the polls.

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