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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quilting and Shopping

What could be better than quilting and shopping?  Shopping with my daughter and husband at the Restore!  My daughter was looking for an old window frame to repurpose, so we drove to the Restore in St Croix Falls.  They had so many things to look at in the store.  Including this beautiful old sewing machine.  I didn't buy it, which is probably a good thing because it needed a lot of work.  It was gorgeous though. (someone else bought it while I was there, just in case you were thinking about running over to buy it)

I did buy a bag of crocheted items.  I think they are pretty amazing.  They need a little work to fix them up but they aren't in bad shape.

I bought a pair of candle holders too.  Forgot to take a photo of those.  We stopped to look at the falls after and the river sprite.  It is a very pretty town.

There was an artisan show going on across the street from the falls.  One of the artist's selling work was Julie Crabtree from Bratach Sith Fiber Studio.  I really loved her work and discovered she has taught at the Textile Center in Minneapolis in the past.  I will have to watch for her next teaching opportunity.  I also liked the work by Three Sisters Studio.  Check out either or both links to see their work.

In the mean time I have been enjoying family time, Thanksgiving and a birthday.  I made a photo album for my daughter and I have managed to squeeze in a little quilting here and there.  Hopefully, I can finish up this quilt soon and start on the next.  I've discovered the actual quilting shows up better in the photo if I change it to black and white.

And of course I have been watching the neighborhood wildlife.  We are so excited, our white squirrel made it through the summer.  With snow on the way, it should be easier for him to stay hidden now.
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