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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fairy garden & Door County

view from Eagle Tower
My husband and I took a trip to Door County in Wisconsin.  Just a nice relaxing week for the two of us.  We saw some fall color, some lighthouses, a birdseye view of Lake Michigan, and had a good time.

Cana Island Lighthouse
eagle tower
some of the fall color
The outside work is almost done, soon it will be snowing again.  We had a few flakes already but nothing measurable.  I should have more time for sewing and crafting again.

My husband helped me cut the front of a clay pot.

I wanted to make a fairy garden similar to some I had seen on a Facebook site called Creative Ideas.

I think it turned out nice.  I used a tiny tree my quilting friends gave me when my mom passed away.

The rest of the little things I purchased at a local nursery where tiny little gardens are very popular.

I want to make a sign for my garden to cover up the spot where the price sticker was attached.  I need to decide on a name for my garden first.  Any thoughts?

Have a creative Day


Sharonahhh said...

Really creative fairy garden Janet. I made fairy gardens all summer with the grands and grand nieces and nephews. So fun.

Sharonahhh said...

Really creative fairy garden, Janet. We had fun this summer making them with the grands and nieces and nephews. So fun.
A name? How abour:
"Stairway to the happy tree"
"Stairs for those who can" LOL
"Tripping the flight fantastic"
"Mystery surround"
That's all I got. Have fun.

Stephanie said...

Looks like St. Tama to me :)

Kathleen Wilson said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. The fairy garden is wonderful. I need to add one to my space outside my studio.