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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Through the trees
I received another Steampunk card.  I really like her interpretation of what Steampunk is all about.  "Bodacious Victorian Industrial"  It describes this card perfectly.  Kind of an updated crazy quilt.  Very fun!
Steampunk by Meg
I am making some landscape cards for an exchange in the Valorie Hearder Landscape group.  These cards need to be split complementary.  The three colors I chose are orange, blue/green and blue/violet. 
If you look at my color wheel the three orange pointers on the center wheel point to split complementary.  I added the green points just to emphasize because things don't always show well in a photo.
It was good for me to limit my colors, it made me think a little more outside the box.

 Normally I would have made my trees brown or black.  How boring is that!
I just realized today is May 1rst so I'd better print out my Craftsy block of the month for May.  Look for that before too long.
Have a creative Day

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