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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Painted Pictorial Quilts from Craftsy

I finished painting the second project for the class called Painted Pictorial Quilts.  This class is taught on Craftsy by Annette Kennedy.  The first project was a painted iris.  The second one is a mountain scene.  This is Annette's pattern with my fabrics and painting according to her directions.

Here is the fabric before paint.

Here it is after the paint has been added.

I really enjoyed this class.  In between the two projects she talks about color and depth and dimension.  I still have two of the fifteen lessons left.  I think they are about how to finish your painting.  I can't wait to make a pattern from one of my own photos and turn it into a painted quilt.
Have a creative day

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Stephanie Forsyth said...

That looks fabulous!!!!!