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Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Daily Doodle

Donna Kallner is a fiber artist, teacher and writer. I was fortunate enough to take a class she taught at the Textile Center in St Paul, Minnesota a few years ago. If you ever get the opportunity she is a great teacher.
I've been following her work through her blogs and now on facebook, (does that sound a little creepy). She has fun ideas. Right now she is doing December daily doodle. Once a day she is making a doodle on a 3 x 5 index card. So, this isn't a huge commitment. It's almost a type of meditation to doodle away for a few minutes at a time.
Here are the doodles I have finished so far this month.

Have a creative day

1 comment:

Sharonahhh said...

Oh, Janet! I love these!!!
I tried a zentangle a day in April and actually got to April 9th or so. You have reinspired me to dig that project out once again.
I did post a couple of my earlier doodles on my blog: if you are interested.
Nice going Janet.