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Saturday, November 12, 2011

New techniques

Isn't it fun to try something outside of your own box! I did that this week. It all started with a piece of paper fabric I created when playing at my friend Kathy's house. Here is the piece I made sometime last winter.
I wasn't sure what to do with it, or if maybe it had already served it's purpose. It gave me time to create with my friends.
I was looking at some of Beryl Taylor's work. She likes to use grids. The paper fabric seemed to speak to me, telling me it would be a perfect background fabric for a grid. She also does some work with metal, which is fascinating to me. Not sure what the draw is but I really like to work with metal. The grid was cut from some light weight blue metal. I sewed it to the fabric paper with a piece of felt to cushion and protect my sewing machine. The fiskars punch was a perfect way to create flowers in two different colors.
The paper fabric grid seemed to end up looking like a basket to me, so a basket of flowers was born. It's all about the experiments with this project so I decided to use a stretched canvas to pull it all together. I added some of my modeling paste and some beaded gel, some paint too and strategically hand sewed all of my parts to the canvas. Now it needs a name. Maybe a leaf or two as well. I'm just letting it hang out while I decide if it is finished.
Have a creative day

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Ronni said...


Thanks for the comment and compliment you left on my blog. Beryl Taylors class was a lot of fun and she was so generous with her knowledge and supplies. I enjoyed this post you made about fabric paper and working with metal as inspired by Beryl. I love the way the blue metal looked after you stitched it! - Ronni