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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Postcard for Irish Patchwork Society

A few weeks ago I mentioned the International Postcard Exchange hosted by the Irish Patchwork Society. Thought I would show you my first card, I plan to make at least three. One for each of the times my mother-in-law had cancer. These cards will be sold to raise money for breast cancer research.

Think about making a card, it's for a very good cause!
You can find the information here.

This first card is thread painted. The cards need to have a floral, nature, horticulture, landscape or environmental theme. Which can encompass a lot of ideas. I chose floral and made a rose for this card. The darkest color is the color of the fabric, the other two colors are thread painted. I was thrilled when my son knew right away that it's a rose! Success!

The cards need to arrive in Ireland by the end of May, so there is plenty of time to make one or two or more. They will first be displayed at two major shows in Ireland, so this is your chance to be in an International Show!
Have a creative day!


Janice Smith said...

Your rose postcard is absolutely lovely.

Fran C said...

Lovely card. Does/did your mother like roses?

mysewing said...

Your postcard is wonderful and so is the cause you will be making it for. Michelle in Omaha

Nancy said...

Visiting your blog from the link on mmartfriends Yahoo group. This is just beautiful, and such a fine tribute. And I love your little hearts, plus the class with Mary- what fun!

Terry said...

Janet, what a beautiful rose. Your threadwork is wonderful!