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Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Oh, the places you'll go"

Dr Seuss was a big favorite at my house when I was little. My dad would read the stories and have these wonderful voices for all of the characters. Memories, those special little joys that pop into the mind every now and than when you least expect them to. My son received 'Oh, the places you'll go" for a graduation gift from a dear neighbor. It's about a boy starting of on a Great Journey, fresh and excited about his latest adventure. Well today we are going to take an adventure to some places I have found lately that inspire me....

Stephanie Forsyth, who is always inspiring to me, has the blog "The Fiber Nation" lately she has started adding video tutorials to her blog. This one on making angelina beads is great. I've made beads from fabric before but not angelina, so that will be fun to try. She also has a free BOM going so be sure to check it out as well.

I was recently sent a link to Janet McTavish's(Karen McTavish's mom) latest project "Peace Labyrinth." This is just an amazing project. She is trying to create a three dimensional labyrinth of quilts. People will be able to walk the labyrinth at quilt shows. You can watch a short video that tells about the project, and/or read more about it here. I think anything that shows how we are all 'more alike than different' is worthwhile.

I have been hearing a lot about zentangle recently. I don't know a great deal about it but now I am intrigued. I get an email update from a site called Chica and Jo. They have really fun ideas for parties, holidays, gifts etc. Not necessarily quilting or even sewing for that matter, but I find their ideas refreshing. Good site for things to do with kids, or for kids. They posted a photo of a 'zentangled' (is that a word?) pumpkin that you just have to see.

The last post I came across has nothing to do with quilting or sewing but is something women everywhere need to embrace. It has statistics that are frightening and we need to change this. Be sure to watch the links at the bottom of the post if you have time. They are very powerful. Mary's blog is "View from the Seat" and is a very well written post about National Fat Free Talk Week.

Have a creative day everyone

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Oficina do Pano ~ Fabric Workshop said...

hi jannet, i have been ever so busy, i am afraid i couldn't quilt anything since my oldest child started school last year. How did that happen? I am so tired at the end of the day, I forgot about me!I really hope to be able to quilt something in the week before Christmas. Let's see... I really miss my quilting. You are doing really well, I can see your progress and love your works. Keep going, girl! love lots, Valeri.