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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Common Thread

The Textile Center in Minneapolis has a show every January called A Common Thread. If you are a member of the Textile Center you can submit work for this show. The photo submissions and information had to be submitted by the first week in October. Whew! I made it in time. Last year was the first year I entered something. It was a very small piece, I don't have the exact measurements handy but it was about the size of a piece of computer paper. I was very surprised when the check came in the mail because my piece had sold. I am hoping for a wonderful surprise again this year, but even if it doesn't sell, I am proud of myself for pushing past the fear factor and entering the show. Here is a photo of last years piece.

That fear quotient holds me back a little more than I would like, but considering how new I am to this whole fiber art experience, I do OK. It's easy to be confident when you have done something for a long time and you know you are good at it. At this point in my career I wonder if I should hold back until I learn more, if it is even worth the trouble. But than I sit back, really look at what I have done, and say "How will you learn more if you don't keep trying!" and "Of course it is worth trying!" I can see growth in my work with each piece I finish. Some may be baby steps, some lateral steps, and occasionally some feel like giant leaps, but each is progress in one form or another. I don't have any set type of art that I do. I am still experimenting at this point. I like to try everything, which makes for slower progress at times but it makes this journey richer and full of adventure.

This is a photo of the piece I submitted. The frame measures about 23" x 19." I shibori dyed, overdyed, beaded, hand quilted, and used swarovski crystals and other embellishments. I than framed the piece. I like this one. So, if it doesn't sell I am fine with that too. It is called 'Sunspots." A big thank you to Nancy Eha, I learned how to do much of the beading techniques from her book called "Bead Creative Art Quilts" Her explanations are very clear with lot's of beautiful photos.

I will also be changing my profile photo soon. I changed my photo on facebook, but it isn't a great photo of me, so I'm hoping to get a better one soon for my blog.
Have a creative day


Stephanie Forsyth said...

I love the Sunspots piece Janet -it's so vibrant!! Great job!

Debra Svedberg said...

It's gorgeous!!!