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Friday, July 16, 2010


I've been taking some time off to rejuvenate myself. I looked up rejuvenate just to make sure that was the word I'm looking for in this situation. The first definition is 'to restore to youthful vigor.' I'm not sure I will be able to go that far but I did need some time off to restore myself at least to my 1980's vigor.

I've been working on my house the last few months. We found in the past that moving has helped us get rid of the 'stuff' we tend to accumulate around us, frankly it is mostly un-needed for our lives. We have lived in this home longer than any other, about 12 years longer, so the 'stuff' was getting out of control. Of course my crafting, quilting, scrapbooking, art, etc is the area least in control. You never know when you might need that.... This is the mentality that gets me into this predicament. It's actually not as bad as I make it sound for now. If we downsize at some point, which is likely, than I will have to make some hard choices.

I've been going through our rooms one at a time, cleaning, deciding the best arrangement for how we use the room now, and most importantly putting things in a give away box. The craft, quilting, art area is where I have the most trouble with things sticking to my hands rather than tumbling into the give-away box. Last week, I dug to the back of the closet in the spare bedroom and found a quilt I had begun about 10 years ago. At first I thought it would be a perfect give-away because it isn't even a pattern I especially like anymore. But, it stuck to my fingers like glue. In the back of my mind something was telling me, you need this for practice! So, I took apart those first three blocks I had finished some ten years ago and re-pieced them, finished the other blocks, added borders and now I have a perfect quilt to continue building my skills on my longarm. I also have one less pile of stuff in my closet. When I am finished I can give the quilt to someone who needs it and may even appreciate the warmth it provides. This is why it takes me so long to thoroughly clean my house. Eventually I will finish that last room, look around and realize, I need to start all over again!

I just added around 35 postcards to my slideshows. Remember you can click on one of the cards and go to the picasa album if you would rather see them one at a time. You can also enlarge them when you go to the album. Hope I didn't miss any!

Have a creative day!

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