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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Piecing,piecing and more piecing!

Trying to finish up many half finished projects this summer. Here is a photo of the quilt I told you about in a previous post, (found at the back of the spare bedroom closet.) This was a block of the month from JoAnn Fabrics quite a few years ago. I finished piecing this one a week ago. I think it is called A Year At Home. Here is a link to some they have at JoAnn's now, Meadows in Bloom looks cute.

This next one was a free pattern last year on Nancy Rink's website. It is called Building Blocks. She made hers with all hand dyed fabrics that really were gorgeous. I wasn't sure about some of the fabrics I chose when I started, but I like how it looks now that it is complete. I just finished this about an hour ago. Her free design for this year can be found here. It's called Galactic Explosion.

I have two other quilt tops complete already and two more that are almost finished. As soon as they are done I will have to get myself to a quilt shop for some serious investment in backing material. After those are quilted it will be time to get back to art quilts. I'm glad I like to wear different hats when it comes to sewing, quilting, crafts etc. I never get bored.

Have a creative day


Terry said...

Way to get those "On Going Projects" into completed tops! Both are so bright and fun! Terry

Betweens said...

Janet they just look awesome isn't it great when we see what we loved long ago and still love it...
Great job on the NR pattern too..

Suzan said...

Wow, looks great. Any ideas on how you are going to quilt them?

Janet Hartje said...

Thanks everyone! I don't have any thoughts on quilting yet. I do have a piece of clear plastic that I plan to use my dri-erase markers to audition ideas. but, I'm open to any suggestions.