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Friday, January 15, 2010


I am rediscovering podcasts. I used to listen to them when I went for walks. I liked Bonnie McCaffrey and Alex Anderson, NPR, A Prairie Home Companion, and there were several others. I gave my old ipod to my son when his was stolen. He listened to his a lot more than I ever did, so that was very hard for him when he didn't have one.

My family gave me the mama bear size ipod for Christmas, you know it's not so tiny it looks like it would break if I picked it up, and not so big that I'll never be able to use a tenth of the capability, it's just right. So, I'm re-discovering podcasts. I just listened to one by Quilt Artist Annie Smith called Quilting Stash. I liked it and will be listening to more that she has to offer. Have to put in a plug for 3M here(My husband works for 3M). She recommended the blue tape to help hold your clear rulers tight so they don't slide when you use your rotary cutter. I do have trouble with my longer rulers sliding just a smidge by the time I get to the other end of the ruler. She recommended putting a little tape on the ruler and slight ridges in the tape help hold the ruler tight against your fabric. I'll have to give that a try. Lot's of podcasts to listen to on itunes
and the ones I mentioned are all free. Can't beat that.

My family also gave me a Nike+ sensor for my shoe. There is an attachment for the ipod and one that goes on my shoe and they talk to each other. It's pretty amazing to me and I haven't learned all that it can do yet. It keeps track of how far I walk etc. and I have music that helps me keep a rhythm going. Not sure how rhythmic I can be walking on chunks of ice and snow. I haven't used this too much yet as it has been super cold. I'm looking forward to using this more in the spring and summer and fall. Right now I am using the Wii fit plus. Are we sensing a theme here yet. This is the year of Me or should I say Mii (as in my Wii person). I'm rediscovering the joy of hula hoops, and bowling and new skills like boxing. My knee is feeling better after having the synvisc injections so I want to take advantage of this time and take off a few pounds. OK more than a few. The concentration is on eating non processed foods and exercising. So if I find any really good recipes I may share them with you from time to time.

I finished my quilt for the rust dye collection held by Lois Jarvis. Now I wait to see if it gets accepted. I might have to look for alternatives in the meantime, just in case. I would like to enter this quilt somewhere. Now I am working on a quilt for Minnesota Contemporary Quilters and the first quilt for the series I want to make. I decided to make my series quilts be about National Parks. As a family we have been to many National Parks/Monuments. I've taken lots
of photos while we were there. I'm pulling all of those out and sketching out how I would like to recreate different shots that I have taken. I'm looking forward to this, I think it will be fun.

I signed up for Postmark'd Art again but I was more cautious this time. I love making postcards but jumped in a little too far that last round. I will be in two groups, one is making fire and the other is anything goes. The fire group will have 6 cards and I already have ideas for that, look for those soon. The other group will have 10 at the most. I can do 16 cards.

The mail just came and my new book arrived. I can't wait to look at it. It's called Journal Spilling by Diana Trout. All the experts say that journaling is the best way to lose weight. I have to say I have tried and re-tried the journaling thing but it is so boring for me. I decided that maybe if I mix my journaling with some art it might make it a little more enjoyable and than I might be able to stick to it. I'll let you know how it goes. It looks like a great book.

Time to go exercise and than I can relax and read my new book.
Have a creative day


Debra Svedberg said...

Your adventure-ness and ambition is inspiring to me!
You go girl!

Holee said...

Strolling the Block, oh how I miss it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me drift back to those wonderful friendships! Some of those ladies still stop by my blog and are still on HGTV quilting site. Others formed their own group which I left shortly after joining. I just don't think it's good to ever think you are superior to others. So many friendships come out of enjoying others interests.
Stop by anytime! I'll be back in a few days with more finished on the 2 heart quilts, just have to eat a lot of chicken soup to get over the flu!

Jan said...

I have also been working on me on the Wii with the Fit Plus. I have been at it for 33 days. Have missed 2 days during to injury to my back (fell during a snow event in warm NC (right)
Good luck with your exercise program.

Lynne said...

I am interested in taking a rust dye class too. All the techniques an art quilter needs to inspire!
Thanks, Lynne