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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year!

I've been on vacation and came back with lot's of exciting new projects rumbling around in my head. Not sure how many will actually make it into fabric but it's fun having all of these ideas. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and you are all refreshed and ready to begin again.

I'm finding that travel really can stimulate the creative thoughts. Even if I don't actually go somewhere. I can look online at a place I have never been before or check out a book at the library on a different country. I always see something that I find fascinating about a new place and can't wait to put my ideas into fabric.

Here is a toast to a creative new year for all of us!
Have a creative day


Debra Svedberg said...

Isn't it fun to dream up creative ways to remember our vacations? I love putting something of my vacation into a project.
Back in my hand-quilting days I used buy a handquilting pattern stencil where ever I went to remind me of the trip.

HouseDragon said...

Aloha & Happy New Year from Hawai`i!

I thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas letter written by your DH. If you would like to surprise him, go to Amazon and search "Christmas bubble lights". They are expensive but the ones I remember from my childhood are the set with different coloured bases.

Happy Quilting in 2010!