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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Classes and a new pet.

I've been taking a couple of classes at Quilt University lately. One is helping me learn more about the EQ6 program and all that it can do. This class is taught by Fran Gonzalez and has really pushed me to learn more about EQ6. QU has a series of four classes that you can take, I've taken two so far. She walks you through creating blocks so you can learn something new with each block. I really had no idea how complex this program is.

I am also taking Gutta Resist on Silk right now. This class is taught by Marjie McWilliams. I've taken a number of classes taught by Marjie. She is a dedicated and fun teacher, always willing to answer any question. I have never used gutta before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I like silk but don't use it often in what I make. So, this was a step outside the box for me. I've done two of the four lessons so far. This is the sampler I made in the first lesson. The second lesson is still drying on my stretcher bars.

My son has a new pet. I have to admit when he said he was getting this, I was a little skeptical. It didn't sound like a fun pet to me. It does have a very cute face, and he is taking care of it (I told him I wouldn't). He is having trouble thinking of a name. Any suggestions? He doesn't want the obvious 'Sonic' (as in sonic the hedgehog video game).
Have a creative day! Janet


Bridget473 said...

Oh my gosh -- he is the cutest! My 6-year-old has offered up "Pokey" or "Fuzzy Poke". Good luck!

Lorchen said...


Material Girl said...

My daughter used to have a hedgehog, they are very cute! But a little prickly I think.. I never was crazy about it, but she loved him... his name was "Pokey"