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Sunday, June 14, 2009

This, that and the other thing

I've been bouncing around from one project to another lately.  You know what.  That's when I'm happiest.  I love variety, especially when it comes to sewing and quilting.  

I've also been working on my yard.  The front is weeded and the flowers are in the pots.  The back, well that's another weeks work.  I love my daisies but if I don't catch them early enough and pull a few they take over everywhere and than I don't have the heart to pull them until they stop blooming.  This is a photo of my smallest flower bed after I pulled out half the daisies.   They really will take over all the other flowers if I let them and it almost happened this year.  The other flowers are there, they are just short still. I was late to start my yard work.  There is a second flower bed in the front yard with bird feeders and a little arbor.  It's weeded but has too many daisies also.  This week I need to work on the backyard but cautiously.  I ended up with weed pullers syndrome from the front yard.  

I've been making lot's of sampler blocks.  The learningfa yahoo group has been giving out instructions for making them a few at a time.  I decided they would make excellent small quilts for me to practice quilting with my longarm.  I almost have two sets of nine for two small lap quilts.  I've just been using scraps that I have.  I may change the one that doesn't have any blue, since all the rest in that set ended up with blues.  I'm looking forward to quilting the block in the middle with the big open area.  

The second set is more browns and tans.  
I've also pulled out something I started years ago before I really knew much about quilting.  You can probably see the squares aren't square.  I've decided I'm ready to let it be imprecise and I will square it up and put it together so we can use it.  I don't really see any benefit for myself trying to rip a bunch of it apart to fix it.  It's just intended for myself and I can enjoy it just the way it is.  This is called Rachel's Flower Garden.  It was a block of the month.

I've also been finishing up some landscape postcards for the Valerie Hearder landscape group.  I pushed myself a little with these ones.  But can't show them yet.  They should be in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday and once they arrive I'll post photos.  I've been receiving postcards lately that I haven't had a chance to add to my photos yet.  Hopefully later this week I will get that done as well. Have a creative day. Janet


Bridget473 said...

What sweet blocks! I'm sure they'll turn into something wonderful. As for the daisies, I know what you mean! My mom and I both tried for years to get store-bought daisies to grow. My mom has spend tons of money on different types that were listed as "easy" on the tags and in books and gardening sites. None of them made it through our zone 5 winters. Well, I finally just yanked a bunch from the field behind my house and they're growing -- and spreading -- like crazy! (I'll have to be sure to deadhead so they don't take over.) My mom will be relocating some to her house too. Yours look just beautiful! So cheery!

Chris from NJ said...

Your water color flower blocks are wonderful. You certainly have been working on a lot of projects. I remember when I used to make one quilt at a time from beginning to end. Of course I was making clothing at the same time so I guess I have always had several projects going at once. Love your self portrait as well. You do wonderful things.

Shirley said...

your samplers are wonderful Janet. Once life gets back to near normal I will send more blocks out. I also love the flower quilt.

Your daisies are so lovely. Shirley