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Friday, June 19, 2009

Postcard for a Cause

I'm trying to make a postcard for a friend.  She just found out her son has cancer.  It is such a terrible disease and affects so many of our lives.  She is the owner and originator of the learning fiber arts group.  We as a group are making postcards to send her.  Not for her directly, but she will donate them to Wellspring so they can raise money for Carma House.  It is a center for cancer survivors and support for cancer patients.  Shirley has donated many works of her art to this cause never realizing that someday she would be the recipient of their skills.  

So I am trying to make a postcard they might be able to sell.  I tried selling postcards before and didn't sell any so I am a little unsure of what to make.  I just received a package of books in the mail from Dover the other day.  One of those books is called Chinese Lattice Designs.  While trying to come up with an idea I kept coming back to this book and decided to try my hand at making one of the designs.  The designs in this book remind me of those meditation mazes.  It isn't finished yet.  I still need to add the backside and do the edge.  I like it.  I'm just not sure if it will be something that will sell.  

I have a number of other postcards to make as well.  These are just for exchanging.  I need to make some that look like bark, some that look like leaves, some with a recycled theme, and anything goes theme.  Could be a fun summer trying to come up with lots of ideas.  I have an idea for the leaves and I think I'll try that today.  Hopefully I will have something more to show tomorrow.  Have a creative day. Janet


Shirley said...

Janet - it is perfect -- I took about 30 cards I received from the Fiberartpostcard group down to wellspring and showed them to the people who organize
the fund raising and the lady in charge of wellspring. They liked every one and there were all different kinds - don't worry - your cards are great -- They were amazed at them and are very enthusiastic
about this project. There really isn't a bad one as it is the thought that counts. I appreciate so much the fact that the members of my group are doing this in my name. Others are following Learningfa's lead and have promised cards too. We are in a 'wait' situation until we find out what the specialist plans. He is in stage 4 cancer of the stomach so that speaks for itself.

Once again, thanks for being such a wonderful friend. Shirley

Chris from NJ said...

Janet, I am glad you posted this on your blog. It was hard to see how it was done on learningfa. It is much stitching.
I guess I better get thinking about what I am going to make.

Bridget473 said...

What a beautiful idea and a beautiful postcard. Well-done.