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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Project Quilting Season 8-5 Well Dressed Man

This is the fifth challenge for Project Quilting season 8!  That means there is only one more this year.  Time flies when you are creating, right.  When I heard the challenge was, "Well Dressed Man", I had an idea right away.  My husband was throwing a couple of his shirts away last week and I stopped him..because...well...Pinterest!  That's right I dig things out of the garbage because of ideas I see on Pinterest!  However, I realized I want to give that to someone and don't want to put it on the blog yet.  In looking through my photos I realized I had the perfect well dressed men at my house.  I had foot surgery the week before Thanksgiving so my son cooked and my husband did the dishes.  So, at my house apron's and dish towels are what the well dressed men are wearing.  Sounds good right?  It makes it even better to know my son is a chef!
I printed a photo on to a prepared fabric sheets.  This one has my son in an apron and you can see my husband in the background with a dish towel on his shoulder.  I made it the pocket for my bag.
The other side of the bag has a chef as well.
The fabric is all of course cooking related.  When my son graduated from Cordon Bleu I made him a chef related quilt.
Here is the main fabric for the bag.

I kept the quilting simple, straight lines about an inch apart.
Next steps were the pockets and straps.
Finally the bottom and stitch it together.

The pattern is a free tutorial from The Inspired Wren.  I have to confess I goofed and mine is oriented different than hers.  My fabric is directional because of the words, I cut it so the longer side is opposite what it should have been.  It was a "make it work" moment and I had to recut the bottom but it did work so all is good.  Don't forget to pop over to Project Quilting beginning Sunday at noon until later in the day on Friday and pick your favorite.  I guarantee you will be inspired by all the fabulous creations.
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Trish Frankland said...

Awesome! Good that they work together so well