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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Snow people and Candy bags

I sent a package to a couple of my sisters, so now I can post on my blog.  I bought this cute pattern "Shop 'til you Melt" by Susan G Hill at the AQS Show in Des Moines last summer.  I met three of my sisters at the show and we had a fun day looking at all the beautiful quilts.

 I plan to make the whole quilt for myself, it just makes me smile and who doesn't need something to smile about when the temperature will be way below zero this weekend.  I made this small part of it for my sister Jo.

It is fused appliqué and quilting.  I decided to quilt it so it looks like falling snow.  It was fun to make.

For my next project, I tried using Pellon vinyl fuse for the first time.  I put the vinyl on both sides of the front and back of the bag.  It's kind of like adding contac paper.  Just make sure your iron isn't too hot or you have to go buy more candy because you melt your bag!  Trust me I know.

 I have made little zipper pouch bags before, but not from large bags of candy.  I saw one on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.  I saw another bag with extra zipper pulls, so I bought all the zippers at JoAnn fabrics, haha, it seemed like it anyway.  I bought enough for 5 bags.  It added another fun touch to these lighthearted bags.

I plan to make quite a few bags.  I am sending  the candy with the bags so no I am not going into a sugar coma anytime soon.

I even put pockets in the bags.  One big pocket on one side and smaller pockets on the other.

The lining is called "Back in 5 Minutes" by Janet White represented by TSB & Co.  Isn't it cute!

I have some of the Valentine Candy to make another bag tomorrow.  They are pretty quick and easy and the fusible vinyl is very easy to use.  It does make it a little more difficult to turn the bags right side out, so be sure and leave a large enough opening.  I was considering making a tutorial to add to my blog.  Let me know if you are interested.

I know I said I would post about the mystery quilt and BOM I am working on but I will save those for the next post so this doesn't get too long.
Have a creative day


Vikki said...

I would love to see a tutorial on making these bags! I have too many question marks in my brain to attempt one without the tutorial!

Janet Hartje said...

I'll give it a try Vikki!

LavenderBlue said...

I hope you will be so kind as to post a tutorial, these are TOO cute! Thank you.

Kelly R said...

I would love to see a tutorial on the candy bags, too.

Kelly R said...

I, too, would love to see a tutorial on the candy bags!

Melissa Franks said...

I totes would be interested in a tutorial on the bags :)

DL Crisp said...

Please Please Please - make a tutorial!!!!