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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bird Watching Season Project Quilting

I did better this time making my quilt for the challenge.  The first one I finished at 2:30 in the morning!  I am too old for late night quilting!  This one I finished by 9:30.  Yeah. I got to bed on time. 
Had to wait for morning to try to get a better photo, the light helps.

I also started earlier in the week this time. I thought about it for 3 
days. Gathered materials for a day and a half, and then I started to 
sew.  They are each only 11.25" X 9.25". I made four so didn't want to go big.

I love watching birds in my yard or at the local parks or the zoo.  I 
am always snapping photos.  One of these days I may even be 
quick enough to get a photo of those few hummingbirds I 
occasionally see.  The bright colored cardinals are one of my 
favorites, along with the Orioles and chickadees.

I pieced in the rays of the sun to try to show the heat of a hot 
summer day.

I cut up a sample piece of fabric I bought at JoAnn Fabrics a long 
time ago.  Every now and then you can find samples from their 
home dec department on sale.  I knew it would come in handy 
some day.  It made perfect raindrops for my spring day.  I also added a female cardinal.

I added snow and icicles to the bare winter branches.  We have very defined seasons in "Minnesnowda".  I tried to show how the birds hunker down and puff up their feathers when it is cold.  It really does help them stay warm

For fall I have the leaves being blown right off the tree.  Love the 
autumn colors, red, yellow and orange.  Wish they stayed on the 
trees longer.

On to the stitching, winter



And fall (anyone else feel a song coming on?)

Now for the binding, winter




And all four together!  I used beads to attach them to each other, may have to tighten them up in a couple of spots or add another in the middle, but I kind of like this look.

Have a creative day


Mel said...

These are each beautiful!! Lovely details for each season!!

Leah said...

Beautiful! Love the birds in the changing seasons. Great idea!

Laney said...

These are so nice! I love that you managed all four seasons!

Scrapatches said...

Love your four season birds ... <3 Pat

Sharon Brown said...

I love what you created!

AlidaP said...

Very beautiful pieces! Really creative and great interpretation of the theme! I voted for you :)

Pamela Walker said...

Very, very beautiful! ❤❤❤