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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A reason for my scattered mind?

I finished my February blocks for Jinny Beyer's Block of the Month (taught on Craftsy).  Have to admit these are a challenge for me.  Both of my blocks are 9.5" this month! (The size they are supposed to be) Last month it was 9.25" x 9.5". I am waiting for all the blocks to decide whether to take it apart and re-piece or just re-make it.  I am a little afraid I will get to the last month and not have enough fabric.  I am very glad I bought her little tool for marking the quarter inch seam.

Jinny sales this on her site along with a great marking pencil.  It has black, pink and white pencils all in one.  I think these are the reason I was able to get my blocks the correct size this month.  I just feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to take a class taught by Jinny Beyer.
Ash basket
Basket of Fruit

The March block we will begin to learn appliqué.  One of the reasons I took this class on Craftsy was to improve my appliqué skills.  I love the look of hand appliqué, but I am not very good at doing it myself.  A few years ago I bought this pattern by Judy Niemeyer. 

 I felt it would be a challenge just to make the double wedding ring but add in the appliqued flowers and I was more than intimidated by this one.  I am hoping by the time I finish Jinny Beyer's quilt I will be more confident with appliqué, so I thought I should get Flowers for my Wedding Ring finished up to the point where I start the appliqué.

So far I only have the fabric for the rings.  I am using cherry, blueberry and plum Bali pops.  I love the rich colors.  

Deb York suggested a black background, which I hadn't even considered before but am now.  I was thinking shades of white.  Once I get the rings pieced I think I will lay them on a couple different background colors to see if that helps.  

Love the paper piecing so far. Judy Niemeyer has this down to an art.  I have half of all the rings finished.
Doesn't it look delicious!
Have a Creative Day

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