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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pat on the back, new ATC

I have exciting news. Judy Coates Perez posted a photo of my technique book on her blog. It's always fun to get a pat on the back from someone. I love her work so knowing she liked something I made is very much a compliment.

I went to our city's celebration today. Lot's of businesses have booths, a few craft people, some restaurants, and of course there was a parade and carnival rides. Sometimes you can get good coupons from the business people if there is something you want to buy. There aren't as many craft people as there used to be. Kind of expensive to set up a booth and even harder to sell enough to make it worth while. It's tough to find a place to sell our work that doesn't eat up all the profits. I did buy a tiny purse that someone had for sell. I needed something for change. It isn't homemade but it is very cute.

I also received an ATC in the mail. I sent one in return but forgot to take a photo before I mailed it. Darn! I hate it when I do that. Isn't this cute! The little knitted part can be removed from the ATC and worn as a pin. Very clever.
My husband and I have been doing lot's of walking in the parks lately. That is where I took the butterfly photo. I've been getting quite a few nature shots. We have been blessed with beautiful weather.
Have a creative day

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pesota said...

Congratulations! What an absolute thrill on your book. You have to feel good about that. I have always loved your work. I'm sure you learned a lot from Judy Coattes Perez. I expect we'll see more of the techniques you picked up in her class !
Cool pic of the butterfly too!
YES Isn't the weather GRAND!