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Monday, May 10, 2010

Go Native!

The theme for our Rosie Quilter challenge this month is Go Native! That can make me think of many ideas so it will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. I've been working diligently on my seminole quilt. Man, that has a lot of pieces! I have all the rows finished now, just need the border and quilting.

I think the seminole pattern influenced my train of thought for the Go Native! theme. I immediately thought of Native American. I've been wanting to do something with a photo I took of Montezuma's castle when we were on vacation in Arizona.

I've also been wanting to use the ExtravOrganza that I bought several years ago. In case you have never used ExtravOrganza it is semi-transparent silk sheets for inkjet printing. You can see through to what is underneath. I put a skyline photo underneath that my husband took while we were in Arizona. I actually used the skyline right side up and upside down. I just thought it was a cool effect.

Metal and turquoise are two things I associate with the southwest as well. I just received a propane torch for Mother's Day!! How cool is that. So I am excited about heating up copper to change the color. I want to get some wire to make some things with it as well. Here is the metal I played with today. I was just weaving it. We used to make placemats out of construction paper when I was little using this technique.

I was supposed to have this done for tonight but I'm not quite finished. I did the hand stitching on the top but not the bottom yet. I want to add some turquoise beads all along the edge when I bind it. It's a little smaller than 8 1/2 by 11.
Have a creative day


Teri M. in Omaha said...

Janet, this looks so cool! Reading your blog is so inspiring!! Someday I'll get done with all the baby quilts I make........when my kids get done with all the babies they make :)And then I will find time to play with art! Keep up the good work!
Teri M. in Omaha

Janet Hartje said...

Thank you Teri! I sometimes wonder if what I ramble about has any meaning to anyone but me. It does help me stay motivated to keep trying new things. Those baby quilts are very special and will be treasured for many,many years.