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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My journal

I'm back! My computer is up and running again with a new hard drive, and thanks to a back up drive, I didn't lose anything! Hip, hip hooray! A few years ago I lost about 5 years worth of photos due to a failed system. I learned from that mistake, which is even more cause for celebration. I can learn!

Learning is what quilting art is all about, at least for me. There are so many techniques and not enough hours in the day. But, what a fun journey.

I thought I would start with the journal cover. Finally using the fabrics I made with my small quilt group. We all got together (a little over a year ago!) and did soy wax resist. I took those fabrics home and dyed them. I kept saving them for a special project and decided this was it. Taking a sample from three of my fabrics and piecing them together for the cover.
I also used my heat gun to 'distress' some felt. The words My Journal were free motion stitched on the felt.

I did some free motion quilting on the fabric. I've been wanting to try some sewing on metal so I added a piece of that to the cover with a piece of Angelina film underneath. Yes, I used my Bernina and sewed right through the metal. It is a very thin piece.

I think I want to add some beads yet, maybe if I keep adding to the cover that will give me more reason to pick it up and use it.

Do you think this will make journaling more interesting for me. Not sure. But at least I tried.
Have a creative day


Suzan said...

Love the journal cover! I'm sure it will make journaling more fun.

Dotti said...

Love the Journal...especially for the use of fabrics, metal, etc!

Chris from NJ said...

Glad to see that you are still out there doing great things, Janet. I love your journal. I have never been good at keeping a journal. Maybe you can use it to write down your creative ideas as you think of them.